Halal Nando's Restaurants

For all Halal chicken fans out there, here is a list of the restaurants which serve Halal meat. We also provide some Halal information and a handy Halal-dedicated map below, which shows just the Halal restaurants. Useful? Recommend it on Facebook!

At each of the restaurants above, Halal chicken is supplied by an independent Halal butcher (Freemans of Newent) who is unrelated to those of non Halal restaurants. They are 100% authorised by the Islamic Institute of Jurisprudence so there's no need to worry about how reliable the slaughter methods are.

Non Halal meat never enters a Halal restaurant; even the chicken livers and prego steak rolls are Halal! If Nando’s decides to incorporate new menu items which do not meet Halal requirements, the restaurants on this page will not offer them.

How does Nando's decide which restaurants are Halal? Well we know Nando's care a lot about who is able to enjoy their incredible peri-peri chicken, and they carefully consider each restaurant before opening, and at various assessments afterwards. Unfortunately, not every restaurant can be Halal, so we thought we would briefly outline some of the deciding factors:

  • How much of the local population is Muslim. This may seem obvious, but Nando's have to know that all the extra effort to get Halal chicken in is going to be worth it (it costs more and requires additional levels of stringent checks)!
  • How close the nearest Halal restaurant is, and whether or not a Halal restaurant is going to be opening nearby in the future. A prime example of this is the new Stratford - Westfield restaurant. Since Stratford - Romford Road restaurant is so close, it was decided that the new restaurant didn't need to be Halal. Nando's clearly highlight this by offering a leaflet with directions to the local Halal restaurant when Halal-loving fans turn up at Westfield restaurant - very handy indeed!
  • Distribution issues. Some restaurants simply may not be on the distribution network of the Halal suppliers. We imagine that if this changes in the future, then newly-distributable restaurants will be re-assessed - that's up to Nando's though!

And please remember, we are simply Nando's lovers, who have created the world's number one Nando's fansite. The above information is correct to the best of our knowledge, and we are delighted to help you guys out by sharing our experience. Enjoy the website, enjoy the Halal list, Halal restaurant reviews, and dedicated Halal map, but please don't ask us if we can make a restaurant Halal, since we have no more power than you fans!

Halal Restaurants