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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best UK Nando's?
We list the top 10 UK Nando's on our home page on the left as you scroll down! Our restaurant finder page lets you find the top rated Nando's near you!
What's the worst UK Nando's?
We have decided not to show this information off but as a guide, not many Nando's have a rating of lower than 2.8/5.
What's the best Nando's in my region?
Go to the restaurant finder page and click on your region to view a list of restaurants ordered by rating!
How can I help out with Rate Your Nando’s?
Get in touch with the team here. There are loads of ways to get involved: i. Simply Rate Your Nando’s ii. Encourage other Nando’s fans to get involved iii. Add photos of your visits to restaurant pages iv. Interact with us on our social media channels v. Let us know if you ever have problems or ideas (new pages, news articles etc) related to the website. Anyone can write a news article! vi. Do you want to be a privileged Nandoer? This means you can edit restaurant pages and add nearby and parking information. Let us know if so.
Where is my free Nando’s?
a. Enter our Monthly Competition to have a chance to win a £30 Nando’s gift card. b. Come to our next Reviewer Event! c. Check our Facebook and Twitter accounts for exclusive competitions. d. For student discounts, click here. e. For restaurant specific deals, check both the restaurant’s (if they have one) and our Facebook page.
Can I rate a Nando’s outside the UK?
Yes! Check out our international home page. We always want to hear about the differences between Nando's across the globe.
Why should I connect with Facebook? I don’t want things showing up on my Facebook account!
Facebook connect doesn’t show anything on Facebook, we promise! It simply lets you log in using without typing a username and password (which you will probably forget). We hate applications showing up on our Facebook too!
Why do you need my email address?
Purely for signing up purposes so you can activate your account and reset your password. We won’t give your email address to third parties and will only contact you if you win our competition (you’d want to know that, wouldn’t you?)!
What’s the point of rating Nando’s? They're all the same.
Some variants we’ve come across ever since we started eating Nando’s: i. Décor and layout – there are many unique pieces of art to admire! ii. Portion sizes iii. Parking – price/distance iv. Waiting time for a table especially at peak times v. Local attractions. If you want Nando’s + shopping/cinema/bar/bowling, which restaurants can help? vi. Restaurant specific student/Facebook deals vii. Some take bookings, others don’t viii. Opening hours: e.g. Lime Street isn’t open on the weekend! ix. Some serve Halal meat, others don’t x. We compare international Nando’s which opens up variants such as different menu items, prices and even serving systems (e.g. South Africa Nando’s has a much stronger take-away culture)
Do you work for Nando’s?
No. We are simply big Nando’s fans and don't do this for financial reward.
What does the RYN team get out of the website?
We have met lots of fellow Nando’s fans through the website, have generated an efficient way to track our own Nando’s visits and it feels good to be mentioned in national press!
I think I deserve a Nando's High 5 / Black card.
The Nando's High 5 card (to give it its official name) provides the bearer with free Nando's for a whole year. It is a reward scheme operated by Nando's officially, and awarded solely at their descretion. Rate Your Nando's (remember we are just a fansite!) has no power or influence over these decisions.
I would like franchise rights to Nando's in a particular country.
Nando's provides full information regarding franchise opportunities on their international website. Please check it out here, and then contact Nando's directly.
Why is this restaurant not Halal/Can you please make my local restaurant Halal?
These questions should be directed to Nando's officially. We are just a fansite! We know Nando's carefully consider (and regularly review) each restaurant and whether it should be Halal, so chances are you probably aren't the first person to enquire about this.
My RYN account has disappeared!
We delete inactive accounts to keep the website dynamic. An inactive account is one for which no review has ever been written and which has not been accessed in 6 months.