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Tuesday, October 14, 2014
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Weekday Dinner
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3 (10 - 15 mins - Nando's average)
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Late night Nandos trip on the way home, popped in to York, as this was the most convenient outlet.

It was quite wet outside, and the ramp up to the outlet is quite steep. Whilst "grip" is provided, it's in the form of four steel bars raised up, which, surprise surprise, are also slippery when wet. So do take care when entering and exiting the outlet in the rain. Once inside, I was quickly shown to a table, which happened to be by the window, and exactly the same table I had sat in for the past two reviews of this outlet.

After a quick ponder, food was ordered. The Nandoca who served me was polite and pleasant, doing everything that was asked. I went to obtain cutlery and sauces, which were all relatively clean, returning to my table.

I waited close to 15 minutes for the meal to arrive, which is about Nandos average. I ordered a Chicken Burger Mango and Lime, with Chips and a Salad. The burger was nice, the bun maybe a little over-cooked/stale/dry around the outside, but good on the inside. The chicken breast was warm, with lashings of Peri-Peri. The chips were OK, a couple were still more raw potato than fluffy chips, so these were left, but others swallowed down with lashings of Lemon and Herb sauce. The salad was good, evidently fresh in, as I saw a Nandoca appear with a small bag of lettuce from the Morrisons local store...! Top marks for effort there...!

The outlet itself hasn't changed much. Split over two levels, the ground is separated in to four bits. There's the waiting area as you arrive, linked to the till point and grill on the right hand wall. Rear left you have seating, separated by the cutlery station and a long plant pot, there's more seating mid-left, separated by a walkway from more seating front left. The walkway leads to the staircase, to upper level which also contains the toilets.

The outlet is now one of two in York, but still remains the only one in the centre. I'd say the quality of the meal is similar to that provided by Monks Cross Nandos, however the Monks Cross outlet is newer, and a more pleasant visit.

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