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Thursday, August 1, 2013
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Mid-afternoon or late evening
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It was Thursday night which for the last couple of months has been my weekly Nando's night. I usually go at around 9pm each Thursday evening with some friends including my good friend Adam.

Thursday August 1st 2013 was no exception apart from the fact Adam was not there however I knew he'd be enjoying the brilliance of Nando's down in London. 

We arrived at around 9:30pm and were shown to our table straight away. We actually got a choice of table due to the fact that there was hardly anyone else in so we chose to sit near the window. After a few minutes of choosing what we were going to get (I always know beforehand anyway) we went and queued up. We got served in a matter of a few minutes and then there was just the short wait whilst our food was prepared. 

I ordered my usual meal which is:

  • Half Chicken (Extra Hot)
  • Chips (with Peri Salt)
  • Garlic Bread (Large)
  • Soft Drink (Coke)

I was also due a free quarter chicken from my loyalty card so I also got that. 

Our food arrived after about 5 minutes and we tucked in! The chicken was very good and I think it was due to the fact that they weren't rushing because there was only another 5-6 people in the restaurant. The chips were excellent and they had the right amount of Peri salt on them and the Garlic Bread was just right, I like my garlic bread fairly soft as I think it's ruined if it's too crispy. 

Once we'd finished our meals, there was a bit of a wait for our plates to be collected but this was fine as we were having a lot of fun anyway. Once someone did come and take our plates, they didn't ask us if we'd like any coffee or desserts which my friend was extremely surprised at. After a couple of minutes of looking around in shock that they hadn't asked us if we wanted anything else, my friend decided to just go and order at the counter. 

I followed shortly after and my friend and the Nandoca were talking about the Naughty Nata and how I had never had one. The Nandoca began offering me a free Nata! After some hesitation, I agreed to try the Nata and I also ordered an Ice Cream as that's what I originally went up for. I took the Nata back to my table and took a bite out of it. I was very surprised how good it was! The Nandoca came over and pretty much said "I told you so!". I finished the Nata and then finished my Vanilla Ice Cream which was very nice. 

Overall, this was a great trip to Nando's, I prefer going late at night when it's less busy as the food tastes so much nicer than when it's busy such as Wednesday evenings because it's next to a cinema.

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