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This was my first visit
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Half Full
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Sunday, February 8, 2015
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Weekend Dinner (Inc Friday)
2.38 / 5
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3 (Not bad. Did everything I asked of them)
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1 (>25 mins - Asked repeatedly. I need my Nando's)
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1.5 (Very disappointing - cold, flavourless, burnt)
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4 (Very clean, newly furnished, impressive artwork and lighting)
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This was an extremely disappointing visit to Nandos at Fort Kinnaird. There were10 of us on two separate orders. We waited more than 45 minutes for our food. One of our party was served 15 minutes before everyone else. They then brought him another meal with the complete order, of course he could not eat it.
When the food was served it was greasy and luke warm. The chicken wings especially were sloppy, almost cold and undercooked the worst I had ever tasted.
We were given a half apology saying the reason we were not served earlier was that the food given to the one in our party was not really for him it was someone else's order and they all thought we had been given our order. This was relayed through pleasant waiting staff.
Not one person from the management team came to see that we were happy and that our food was correct even though we were now at an hour of waiting and starving.
WE complained to a server who was clearing our table about the food as there was a large amount uneaten and she said she would speak to a manager. Still no manager appeared to discuss the issues of the evening.

We spent £150.00 plus for almost cold, inedible food that took almost an hour to get to us. HAD WE NOT PAID UPFRONT FOR OUR MEALS WE WOULD HAVE LEFT.

We wanted to have desert but both cheese cakes were unavailable. As there is not a large desert menu you would expect that there would be ample ordered for restaurant clients. One of our party had been in this restaurant previously and there was no cheesecake either on that date. Yet another negative for our meal.
The same server who relayed the poor excuse came to the table and said he was disappointed too as he wanted a piece for his break. He then offered one of our party a free frozen yoghurt carton so we could share and have as much as we wanted.
At that point we decided this was a farce and left ending our evening on a sour note and still hungry.

This Nando's franchise needs to look at:-
1. staff training in customer care,
2. cooking and serving staff need to be more aware of tracking and delivering orders promptly and at the correct
temperature for serving food.
3. Management needs to be able to lead on issues that arise when dealing with customers to ensure customers are satisfied
with the service.

I hope you will be proactive and ensure this does not happen to more of your clients.
I will leave my email address if you wish to discuss any point in this comment box.
Molly Cogle
email - [email protected]

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