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25+ minute wait - come on Nando's!
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Thursday, January 3, 2019
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Weekday Dinner
1.38 / 5
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1 (Rude. Where is the Nando's spirit?)
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1 (>25 mins - Asked repeatedly. I need my Nando's)
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1.5 (Very disappointing - cold, flavourless, burnt)
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2 (An old Nando's, needs some investment)
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ok, I decided to take my daughter, Godchildren and their mother for a meal as we had an afternoon out in the west end.

I needed a table of 9, we waited 30 mins for the table however we were able to entertain the children during this time.

As I had many children I had to do the lavatory run a few times, however, this was a highly unpleasant experience as i discovered the one out of the two toilets were overflowing and it had a bad smell coming from it, I notified a staff member who appeared clueless about this as if they were not montered

we ordered the jumbo platter with one chicken lemon and herb and the other mango and lime 3 large fries and 2 peri peri chips, and a wings platter, ( we requested the chicken to be well done). the staff member who took our order was very friendly I have to say.

The food arrived over 30 mins later after I went up to kitchen staff to find out what was going on with the order considering that I have left the venue and returned to find that the food had not arrived.

The food was brought over to the table after a short while, I went up to the counter to get some mayonnaise and I was given a very unpleasant manner from a staff member, my friend was really taken back by this and said: "oh maybe she shouldn't of come into work today". I was left waiting for the mayonnaise for over 5 mins until I walked back to the table, finally it was brought over and the meal could begin at this point it was nearly 10pm.

Due to the time it had taken to be seated and get our food to the table, I was very upset and a staff member called Michael came over and asked if I was ok, I explained to him what had happened and apologised about the experience, however I am personally not convinced I will be returning to my local Brixton Nandos.

To be honest the chips were the best thing we had as the chcken was not cooked to how we asked for, as the order was definalty put thorugh as well done not to find the skin was so fatty it has ro be removed and conuldt be eaten, at that point I was too tired to even bring it too the attention of the staff as the children were hungry and it was late.

I personally was disapppionted about the experiace as I have never been treated so badly at the Brixton nandos before and it was meant to be a nice meal for a closer for the festive season.

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