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Sunday, April 17, 2011
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Weekend Lunch
4.5 / 5
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4 (Good stuff. Very polite)
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4 (5 - 10 mins - Some conversation had begun)
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5 (Nando's fit for a King - The very best (Please tell us why)!
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5 (An exceptional Nando's! (Please tell us why) )
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Broad Street underwent a refurbishment a couple weeks ago and this was my first trip now it's been done up... and I was pleasantly surprised! This, together with the Bull Ring are the branches I've been to the most - and infact, my first ever Nando's experience was back in 2003 at this very Nando's, so it'll always hold a dear place in my heart!

I'll normally go to this one if I am going to the cinema as cinema goers get a parking ticket validated for up to two hours at the car park next door to Nando's/Cinema.

Arrived at about 12:30pm for a spot of lunch and so needless to say it was very quiet on this sunny Sunday.

First impressions were very good. Had a very warm welcome from a chap called Mo and girl called Nat - and throughout they were very friendly - always with a big smile on their faces. It seemed that Mo was in training on the till but Nat was always on hand to help out. Used my Nando's gift card - courtesy of the Rate YOUR Nando's team for my February review, so the food was almost given away :-)

The food came in just over 5 minutes - wow, it was probably the tastiest Nando's I've ever had. The chicken was dripping in sauce and was so moist, tender and piping hot - it was a genuine surprise. The chicken meat was so white as well, it's almost like it had been bleached! Very tasty. The chips were crisp and hot and a big portion as well - and the rice was moist and full of flavour. As an extra treat, I had a white chocolate raspberry swirl too - and this was the biggest piece I'd ever been given. A very, very tasty Nando's indeed!

As for the refurbishment itself, a good job has been done on it. The single entrance door now opens to the left wall and so you are greeted with lots of little pieces of bright canvas paintings. They were there before, but these are now that little bit brighter adding more colour.

Also, the wall opposite (to the right) has been replaced with an interesting pattern - that looks to be a carving in a yellow and beige stone. Certainly makes it seem clean and vivid.

The raised seating area is still present towards the back-right of the restaurant, but everything is far more open. There are fewer pillars in place - giving a much more open plan feel.

The counter has been replaced and there are some nicer cupboard displays for the sauces available to buy and a full wine selection is also on offer above the cashier desk. The tills are the modern versions too that show an accumulation of your order to you - so you can make sure it's right! :-)

The ceilings have been replaced with new wooden-effect beams and faux-eaves in each half of the restaurant. New lighting is also in place - with long cone like casings in the front part by the windows and larger gun-metal shades on the raised area.

The seating is perhaps the most notable change. Apart from new tables and chairs - there are now more booths (when I think there were only a couple before). There's a large circular booth which is the nearest seating to the counter which seats maybe 8 - but then in the front of the restaurant, there are now 3 long bench tables that will allow up to 12 to be seated at them. Each of these also has, what seems, their own table sauce selection in a metal caddy that can be moved along the table - which was a nice touch.

The raised seating area now also has booth style seating all along the right wall too - and the fabric in the seating is bright and colourful. I think in general, the seating has been changed to be more suitable for groups to come and eat here.

Everything has also been spruced up - including the toilets which now have Dyson airblades too!

Overall - a great Nando's has just gotten better! :-)

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