Man Utd Star Takes Girl to Nando's on 1st Date in Trackies

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Submitted by Dan Tan on Tue, 2014-01-28 14:15

Young Manchester United sensation Adnan Januzaj was spotted in Nando's on the weekend whilst on a date wearing tracksuit bottoms. The £30,000 a week winger took out 25 year old student Melissa McKenzie who vented her cheap date to The Sun newspaper.

“I’ve never met anyone so stingy in my life,” McKenzie told The Sun. “I expected him to come to me in a flashy car, but I ended up driving him about in my old blue Fiesta and I was left to pay and display.”

Very soon the story of Januzaj at Nando's was trending on Twitter. The term ‘Adnandoes’ was coined and Nando's and football fans logged on to poke fun at the player’s £18 Nandos date:

England footballer Andros Townsend showed his support to Januzaj by tweeting the following:

As a thank you for the date, Nando's have offered a gift card worth £50 to Januzaj, posting a photo of it along with a letter addressed to Old Trafford on Twitter.

Adnan Januzaj is a prospect to play for the Belgium National Squad. This piece was written by Daniel Tannenbaum who writes for Belgium to win World Cup 2014.



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