Reviewer Dinner 7 - Birmingham Paradise Forum

Friday, June 14, 2013 - 20:00

After 6 events in London, we are finally bringing a Rate Your Nando's Reviewer Event to Birmingham, England's second city. As James and I went to university in Birmingham, we are very keen to go back, have a big Nando's and make a night of it too. Paradise Forum Nando's is a 5 minute walk from New Street station and is in the heart of Birmingham city centre.

Where is my free chicken?
Everyone gets 20% off AND the Rate Your Nando's Team will do our usual raffle once everyone has arrived to give out 3 peri-tastic prizes:

1st - Full platter (Whole Chicken + 2 Large or 4 Reg Sides)
2nd - Combo meal
3rd - Selection of Nando's sauces
Raffle entry is £1 (you may buy multiple tickets or donate more if you want!) this time.
If more than £20 is donated to the raffle fund, we will throw in another combo meal on top!

How do I get an invite?
You must have signed up on the website and submitted at least three reviews, including one since the last event you attended. Rate Your Nando's now if you are yet to meet the criteria! Sign up if you haven't yet, sign in, click 'attending' and tell us what you are planning on munching at the event. Feel free to invite friends, the more the merrier!

What about accommodation?
Once we get a better idea of numbers, we will look into options for staying somewhere together. The team plans on staying until Saturday or Sunday.

What about transport?
There are trains from London Euston from £20 return (£14 with a railcard) and there will be people driving too. Get in touch with us and we will sort something out!

What's happening after dinner?
We plan on going to Wetherspoons for a couple of drinks and then heading to Snobs, one of our favourite clubs for a cheap, alternative night out!

Looking forward to seeing you there!


By co-founder Marc:

Our first Rate Your Nando's Reviewer Event outside London saw 16 of us take over Paradise Forum Nando's for the evening.
Our raffle saw Olive win a selection of Nando's sauces (as usual), Brian munch on a combo meal (beginners' luck) and Ali take away a full platter. This was a historic one in the sense that it was the first time we were able to use an exclusive Nando's raffle bag which then manager Garry kindly gave us and is now a fixture at all RYN Reviewer Events.

The highlight of the dinner was arguably a lesson on how to make roses from napkins given by Brian. See photos for more details!

Thanks go all the incredibly helpful and friendly Paradise Forum Nando's staff. Looking forward to the next dinner!


James RYN's picture
Planned Meal:
Double wrap Extra Hot and Mango & Lime, peri-chips, spicy rice, garlic bread, perinaise, tap water!
Marc RYN's picture
Planned Meal:
Houmous with pitta, 1/2 chicken extra hot, large peri chips, halloumi cheese, tap water with loads of ice, mayo doused in extra extra hot sauce. Can't go wrong.
Rhona and Brian's picture
Planned Meal:
We will probably have our usual which is 3 quarters of chicken, all mango and lime, all breast pieces. One regular chips - plain. One toasted pitta (with extra butter) and a perinaise dip. All washed down with a still mineral water and a bottomless fizzy drink.
DL UTV's picture
Planned Meal:
halloumi and probably some chicken.
Joe R's picture
Joe R
Planned Meal:
Looking forward to potentially trying something new.
oliveboy26's picture
Planned Meal:
Jonty's picture
Planned Meal:
Broiled Micken
Huw's picture
Planned Meal:
Half Chicken - medium, chips and garlic bread
Roxanne Franko's picture
Planned Meal:
My classic: Medium Chicken breast fillet wrap with machos peas and peri chips!
Meli Pisani's picture
Planned Meal:
Something different!
physicslad's picture
Planned Meal:
Veggie burger medium with peri peri chips and halloumi cheese side
Lemon and Herb Roston's picture
Planned Meal:
1/2 chicken lemon&herb - sweet mash can't wait for the Nando's Birmingham Bash Chicken awaits In Nando's with my mates Then off to Snobs...on the lash
thealicat's picture
Planned Meal:
Double chicken burger (hot) peri chips, garlic bread!

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