Reviewer Dinner 3 - Southbank Clink Street

Tuesday, June 26, 2012 - 19:30

Our 3rd Reviewer Dinner is finally happening.
Nando's are generously picking up the tab for everyone.
Starters, main courses and soft drinks are included as well as 4 bottles of wine to share!

We have chosen Clink Street Nando's which is one of our favourites. Nearest station is London Bridge. Hoping to see you all there and we will update you on the future of RYN. It's not all doom and gloom, don't worry!


From Co-Founder James:

It was a night like no other; a night of unprecedented reward, and extravagantly spiced fowl. I can only be referring to the third Rate Your Nando’s reviewer dinner, which found itself resident in the lavishly decorated Southbank restaurant.

This instalment of the great contributor event institution came with a key defining factor: the food was all complementary. Aside from being a major draw for previous contributors, this acted as the ultimate reward for the reviewers who have made Rate Your Nando’s what it is today. There were a number of first time event attendees; these included Lawrence who has keenly reviewed many Canadian restaurants, Aaron who has visited Nando’s in 15 different countries, and Lap and Chris of Nando’s Quest fame, who finally made it after missing the two previous outings.

Given the gratuitous nature of the food, the keen contributors were spared the standard procedure of queuing at the tills, and orders were instead taken at the table by co-founder Marc. Some frankly superb handwriting skills were put to good use, and Marc took his completed order list to the restaurant manager. During the wait which followed, the complementary wine and soft drinks were in free-flow, while a selection of starters were littered across the table by the friendly Nandocas. However, the lack of red-pepper dip did not go unnoticed, and it was sorely missed by a selection of the veterans.

Before long, what many consider the highlight of such events took place: the delivery of the chicken. Some predictable orders winged their way over, while some surprises also managed to flutter onto the table. These included a decisively spicy plate of wing roulette for the brave (and soon to be red-faced) Tal, a rarely ordered butterfly-chicken breast in front of co-founder Marc, and a garlic bread with cheese as innovated by Ali. Regardless of what was chosen, it all flew down, and 20 hungry stomachs soon reached a satisfaction level which cannot be achieved elsewhere.

After the main courses previous competition winner Nico got the only dessert of the night, which in this case was an undoubtedly cooling frozen yogurt. Others simply let their food go down, enjoyed the superb company on offer, and posed for photos to act as a memento of this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Finally, with the food finished, wine drunk, and time marching on, thoughts turned to departing.

The evening had been a clucking success, and despite no one yet knowing when it will be, it was evident that excitement is already mounting for the next contributor event.


Ricky Marshall's picture
Planned Meal:
1/2 chicken, peri chips and garlic bread
raphdean's picture
Planned Meal:
1/2 chicken hot, peri peri chips hot and corn on the cob
Sam I's picture
Sam I
Planned Meal:
Double chicken burger, peri chips and macho peas
Nicosarts's picture
Planned Meal:
1 Whole Chicken... Large Chips and a bucket of nando's extra special golden sauce!!! Bottomless Champers.. or diet coke if not available!
Lap's picture
Planned Meal:
Veggie burger, peri chips, corn on the cob.
Marc RYN's picture
Planned Meal:
Houmous with peri drizzle, butterfly breast extra hot with peri chips and garlic bread, haloumi cheese.
tafek's picture
Planned Meal:
Wing roulette with peri chips. Yum.
James RYN's picture
Planned Meal:
Double wrap Extra Hot & Mango & Lime, peri chips, spicy rice, garlic bread, perinaise
zanrafel's picture
Planned Meal:
Mango and lime halloumi and portabello mushroom wrap with macho peas. Garlic sauce on the side!
Pompey Ranger's picture
Planned Meal:
Houmous with peri drizzle, Half chicken hot with chips and corn on cob, Foke (1/4 fanta 3/4 coke)
LawVS's picture
Planned Meal:
Whole Chicken Extra Hot with Macho Peas and Caramel Frozen Yogurt.
DL UTV's picture
Planned Meal:
Half a chicken hot, large chips, rice, starter
BradleySinger's picture
Planned Meal:
Half a chicken with pitta and perri perri chips
Tes's picture
Planned Meal:
Half a chicken hot, macho peas and halloumi.
Damien's picture
Planned Meal:
Lozzy's picture
Planned Meal:
Chicken in pitta lemon and herb with peri chips!
KJ's picture
Planned Meal:
Chicken wrap lemon and herb, yum!
Planned Meal:
Half a chicken hot and peri chips
M1NDL3SS's picture
Planned Meal:
Mediterranean salad with halloumi
Serena's picture
Planned Meal:
Half a chicken, side salad and corn on the cob!

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