Reviewer Dinner 2 - Goodge Street

Thursday, April 5, 2012 - 19:00

Discounts: Starters provided by the Rate Your Nando's Team and 20% off for everyone.
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Eligibility: You must have written 3 reviews on the website.


From Co-Founder Marc:

The 2nd Rate Your Nando's Reviewer Dinner went down a blast as some familiar faces returned and new faces were introduced all with the aim of destroying some peri peri chicken.

Survivors from last time included Lozzy (winner of the first quiz), Dom (champion eater from the first dinner), Will (our Braintree resident) and Zan (veggie correspondent). New faces included reliable RYN Affiliates Adam (chief advisor) and Olivier, previous Review of the Month Competition winner Nico, his brother Ant and friend Dan, Chris (RYN programmer) and Jonny (regular whole chicken destroyer).

As the table filled up, stomachs started to rumble but within minutes, a selection of starters were on the table to get us started.

The staff demonstrated their efficiency as usual when we all placed our orders with minimal queue time. Our chicken would arrive in no time. Wing Roulette made its way round the table as various chicken fiends tried their luck in choosing the spiciest one possible. The team got stuck with Mango & Lime and Lemon & Herb unfortunately!

All main meals went down well as portion sizes were good and the only reported problem was the difficulty in obtaining a wrap with mixed sauce of Mango & Lime and Extra Hot which was rectified at the second time of asking.

A rather challenging quiz ensued which gave our bodies time to adjust to the various chickens which had just intruded. The winners of the quiz, Dom and Olivier, were deservedly treated to dessert by the RYN Team. The RYN army then marched off into Camden to make the most of the freedom imposed by the upcoming Bank Holiday.


Nicosarts's picture
Planned Meal:
Half chicken and chips, garlic bread, bottomless diet coke.
Marc RYN's picture
Planned Meal:
Houmous with peri drizzle, half a chicken extra hot with large peri chips, wing roulette (2 or 3 wings) and chocolate cheesecake.
James RYN's picture
Planned Meal:
Double wrap Extra Hot & Mango & Lime, peri chips, spicy rice, garlic bread, perinaise
zanrafel's picture
Planned Meal:
Medium halloumi and portabello mushroom wrap with macho peas and peri peri chips. Garlic peri sauce on the side.
DL UTV's picture
Planned Meal:
Double chicken burger hot, double chips, holloumi
oliveboy26's picture
Planned Meal:
Butterfly breast hot with peri chips and halloumi cheese. Telvi-esque.
adam_gould's picture
Planned Meal:
Half a chicken medium with peri chips and halloumi cheese AKA a starter for Dom.
Lozzy's picture
Planned Meal:
Chicken in pitta lemon and herb with peri chips!
Chris Franklin's picture
Planned Meal:

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