Reviewer Dinner 15 - RYN5 at Kings Cross Nando's

Wednesday, August 13, 2014 - 19:30

The 5th birthday of was on Wednesday 6 August 2014 and we are celebrating with RYN5 at Kings Cross Nando's on Wednesday 13 August!

The plan for the night is more or less as follows:

RYN guests arrive at restaurant - starters will be circulated and Barci will be in the house! Raffle tickets will be on sale at 50p each.

RYN Raffle - get a free raffle ticket by clicking "I'm Attending" above when logged in.
The 6 prizes are:
A £20 Nando's gift card
A £10 Nando's gift card x4
A bottle of Nando's sauce

PERi-PERi time! (the food) - Nando's are kindly providing the food! They will put on a generous spread of chicken (pittas, wraps, burgers, on the bone of different spice levels), sides and sauces etc.

RYN Birthday Quiz

Birthday Cake Time

Event Ends


Review by Marc:
We celebrated the 5th birthday of with a feast at King's Cross Nando's!
Rate Your Nando's place settings were out in force as a host of loyal reviewers trudged downstairs at this top central London Nando's for a unique celebration.

Some nibbles such as olives, nuts and wing roulette were laid out while raffle tickets were sold to various peri-peri enthusiasts.

My delightful assistant SVC pulled out the lucky numbers during our biggest raffle yet!

The Nandos' raffle winners were:
Rosanna- Nando's sauce
Gerry - A £10 Nando's gift card
Melisa- A £10 Nando's gift card
Ricky- 2 £10 Nando's gift cards
Jamie- A £20 Nando's gift card

The food was then served as dozens of chickens in various forms made their way down the stairs and everyone tucked in.

Our traditional quiz then took with place with the usual suspects Blayne, Steven, Gerry and new addition Olivia forming a formidable team that ended up scoring 17/20 and deservedly taking him a bottle of Nando's sauce each.

We were then treated to the honour of Barci himself bringing out our special birthday cake which everyone enjoyed thoroughly.

Thanks for coming and we hope to have our next Rate Your Nando's Reviewer Event on Monday 22 September.
Enjoy the snaps!


Marc RYN's picture
Planned Meal:
Houmous with peri drizzle, 1/2 chicken extra hot, 3 extra hot wings, peri chips, garlic bread, halloumi, chocolate cheesecake.
James RYN's picture
Planned Meal:
Double wrap Extra Hot and Mango & Lime, peri-chips, spicy rice, garlic bread, perinaise, tap water!
Kiran Robert John Thomson's picture
Planned Meal:
Hot Half Chicken Spicy Rice Coleslaw Bottomless Drink
Meli Pisani's picture
Planned Meal:
Whatever I feel like on the night!
SVC's picture
Planned Meal:
Double wrap medium with cheese, spicy rice and macho peas.
joel.kara's picture
Planned Meal:
Hummus and halloumi to start. Double chicken breast burger (hot) with halloumi, peri chips and spicy rice. Choc-a-lot and chocolate cheesecake (1/2 and 1/2)
nmunday94's picture
Planned Meal:
Wings….! Maybe a butterfly too, and some chips..and maybe thighs.
Blaynos's picture
Planned Meal:
Double chicken pitta/burger with peri chips and garlic bread, and a double side of halloumi.
Steven Castellino's picture
Planned Meal:
Butterfly chicken, garlic bread, chips and halloumi :)
DL UTV's picture
Planned Meal:
Stuffed crust cheesy bites large pepperoni passion with extra black olives.
Damien's picture
Planned Meal:
Nuff chicken with bare spice fam!
Lap's picture
Planned Meal:
Mushroom and Halloumi Pitta with periperi chips.
oliviarosemh's picture
Planned Meal:
Extra hot chicken burger with avocado and halloumi, with Peri-Peri chips and macho peas
Gerry Louis's picture
Planned Meal:
Half chicken, mango and lime, maybe 5 wings, sweet mash and garlic bread
adam_gould's picture
Planned Meal:
Half chicken. Peri chips. Halloumi
jl7039's picture
Planned Meal:
Butterfly chicken, spicy rice and coleslaw
oliveboy26's picture
Planned Meal:
Butterfly chicken chips rice and coke
Ricky Marshall's picture
Planned Meal:
Double chicken burger. Medium. Peri chips. Garlic bread
Sam I's picture
Sam I
Planned Meal:
Double chicken burger macho peas garlic bread sweet potato mash
Pompey Ranger's picture
Planned Meal:
Houmous and pitta for starter. Prego Steak roll with haloumi, peri chips (hopefully not frozen) and spicy rice. Chocolot cake for pudding.
zanrafel's picture
Planned Meal:
Halloumi and Portabello Mushroom Wrap (Mango and Lime) with Mash and Macho Peas and some extra halloumi and maybe some peri chips Yum
Planned Meal:
Half chicken, garlic bread and lemon and herb sauce.
Gabriela Fernandez's picture
Planned Meal:
plain chicken wings
tafek's picture
Planned Meal:
5 wing meal with cotc and pp chips. +3 wings to "make my meal go further". And for the sauces; hot and extra hot respectively.
Jaffroman's picture
Planned Meal:
Half chicken, 2 sides of rice and halloumi
Serub15's picture
Planned Meal:
Medium 1/2 chicken with peri chips, perinaise and spicy rice.
DoronSalomon's picture
Planned Meal:
Half chicken medium; peri peri chips; haloumi; bottomless drink; olives. Job's a good'un.
Lemon and Herb Roston's picture
Planned Meal:
Lemon and herb half with sweet mash!
Mediterranean's picture
Planned Meal:
Mediterranean Salad, Portobello wrap and a lot of halloumi!!
DanKosky23's picture
Planned Meal:
Medium chicken chips and haloumi
physicslad's picture
Planned Meal:
Veggie wrap (hot) with peri chips, garlic bread, perinaise!

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