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Average: 4 (1 vote)
Number of Visits: 
This was my first visit
How Busy?: 
Half Full
Date of Last Visit: 
Monday, October 28, 2013
Time of Day: 
Weekday Dinner
3.75 / 5
Friendliness of Staff: 
5 (Wow, I feel incredibly welcome! Recognised if a frequent visitor)
Speed of Service: 
1 (>25 mins - Asked repeatedly. I need my Nando's)
Quality of Food: 
4 (Above average - noticeably tastier than normal)
Decoration & Cleanliness: 
5 (An exceptional Nando's! (Please tell us why) )
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Google maps and Nokia maps have real issues on where this store is and how to get to it, in reality it is in a railway arch on a major road to the eastern (away from river) side of the railway line. To assist you to get to it when you come out of the Vauxhall train/underground/bus stations you will see iluminated neon signs directing you through the pedestrian tunnel under the railway lines to the other side where you will find the Nandos on the left. There is also a bill board of Nandos on the advertising hoarding pointing down to the store, as all fanactics are aware Nandos advertising is rare as word of mouth is the key with Nandos.

Outside the glass fronted store are a few yellow chairs and tables which are a little hopeful considering the weather. Inside you are welcomed by a bank of tills on the right and a waiting area with a range of comfy chairs on the left backed by interesting hedging effect. Through to the main body of the store there is a impresive wooden patten around the curved ceiling and bench seating down either side with some cubicle type tables down the middle. The kitchen is also in the middle at the back of the store as are the toilets behind them. To the right is a small alcove through to a very private dining area which felt like it was a performance room at a strip club but does make you feel special to sit there.

The staff were very freindly and let me sit at a table to await my friends whilst recharging my phone which was a very nice touch.

The food was good as well which you would expect when you have rate your Nandos all dining in. My meal was standard times of about 14 minutes, but I had also ordered Haloumi Cheese which didn't turn up, then when they checked on my meal I asked where it was and the waitor said he would go chase it up, stil no haloumi, when they came to collect my plates after I finished I hung onto them still requesting where my Haloumi was. It then turned up after this, but I would rather have had it with my meal or during my meal not 10 minutes after I have finished my meal.

This is a very nicely decorated store and I would definately recomend coming to it (though perhaps don't order the haloumi!)

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