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Average: 5 (1 vote)
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This was my first visit
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A few tables occupied
Date of Last Visit: 
Tuesday, July 30, 2013
Time of Day: 
Mid-afternoon or late evening
4.75 / 5
Friendliness of Staff: 
5 (Wow, I feel incredibly welcome! Recognised if a frequent visitor)
Speed of Service: 
4 (5 - 10 mins - Some conversation had begun)
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5 (Nando's fit for a King - The very best (Please tell us why)!
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5 (An exceptional Nando's! (Please tell us why) )
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I've been desperate to go to this branch since it opened, well, since I heard it was opening. I visited it whilst it was still being built but then I had to leave London, so I didn't get to go to it until yesterday. I was so excited. I went with my friend as soon as he arrived in Harrow at 9:50pm, and as you would imagine on a Tuesday night it was pretty much empty, which meant no queue or wait for a table, and also because all the shops were shut, there was nobody walking by outside.

The branch is located on the bottom floor of the shopping centre, just below where the cinema is, which is really useful for when you need Nando's before or after a film, as you don't have to suffer the long walk to the other Harrow branch, which is a few minutes' walk away. Being in a shopping centre, it obviously has lots of shops nearby, and Harrow High Street just a short walk away.

This new Harrow branch is far superior to the other, which has only ever disappointed me, there was definitely a need for another branch as the other one always got incredibly busy.

Food - 5/5 - The food at this branch was amazing, everything was perfect, I got a free whole chicken with large garlic bread and chips, with lots of extra-extra hot sauce. It was fantastic, the garlic bread was at that point where it's not too soft but not too crispy, easily cut (Yeah I eat it with my knife and fork) and delicious.

The chip portion wasn't huge, maybe it just looked small on my huge plate, I should have got large chips, it was one of the bowls of them, and they were also great, hot and with plenty of Peri-salt on them. The main bit, the chicken, was also amazing some of the best I've had for months, plenty of meat on it and cooked perfectly, I didn't manage to finish it all though since I ordered such a large meal.

The coke was fine, not too watery like it has been the last few times I've been to Middlesbrough Nando's, though two of them were out of order, I'm not sure which as it had all the usual drinks available, maybe they were another Coke and Coke Zero.
So I'll have to give this branch a 5/5 for food, and I don't do that often.

Speed of Service - 4/5 - We had no wait for a table and no queue to order. The food took under 10 minutes to come, it was really quick, but that wasn't surprising since the branch was almost empty as it was 10pm.

Friendliness of Staff - 5/5 - The staff were great in this branch, maybe because it only opened recently, but they seemed happy, considering they'd had a long day and it was nearly closing time. We were greeted with a smile and offered the choice of where we wanted to sit, we chose a strange table which had one side as a curved sofa and a chair on the other side.

When I ordered my food the lady who served me was smiley, I showed her my loyalty card and asked for my free whole chicken, and she told me that I had to spend over £6, I don't think she realised I hadn't finished my order yet, so I continued with it, ordering the rest, and she jokingly said "Oh, you know exactly what you want, don't you?" which I found funny and laughed about, making me feel like a Nando's pro (Which I obviously am). The Nandoca who came over to ask if our meal was okay was also really nice, she didn't just ask "Is everything okay" before disappearing, she asked if we wanted a bunch of different stuff whilst smiling and eventually left when we said no.

After we finished the meal we got asked if we wanted desserts, which I did, so the Nandoca brought over my strawberry ice-cream and let me pay from the table. So 5/5 for the Friendliness of Staff.

Decor - 5/5 - This was a nice, new, clean branch, located inside a shopping centre, it had a few tables outside and interesting sliding folding windows that they could open and leaves the windows of the branch open to the rest of the shopping centre, this could get a bit annoying when the shopping centre is really full if you have people stood watching you with no window there, or they could reach in and steal your food off your table. It had a cool bench that was also individual chairs, I should have taken a picture of it, I've never seen anything like it before. It had the usual awesome Nando's decorations with the Nando's Story on the wall and interesting artwork, because of it's cleanness and newness, I have to give this branch a 5/5

Overall this is one of the best branches I have been to for a long time, definitely one of my favourite Nando's.

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