Glasshouse Street - Christopher Poole Review

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How Helpful?: 
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Number of Visits: 
This was my first visit
How Busy?: 
Up to 10 minute wait
Date of Last Visit: 
Thursday, April 25, 2013
Time of Day: 
Weekday Dinner
3.75 / 5
Friendliness of Staff: 
4 (Good stuff. Very polite)
Speed of Service: 
5 (Under 5 mins - I had only just got back with my cutlery and sauce)
Quality of Food: 
4 (Above average - noticeably tastier than normal)
Decoration & Cleanliness: 
2 (An old Nando's, needs some investment)
Comments - Stand out in our monthly competition! What did you eat? Unique aspects? Parking/transport tips?: 

1/4 Chicken extra hot leg FREE
Chicken Pitta hot
PERi Chips
Rubro Lemon
BONUS 1/4 Chicken extra hot breast FREE

PLACE: Table 13. We wanted to sit outside and take in the warm Piccadilly evening atmosphere but they didn't have the licence. We said, can we sit by the upstairs window? They said, those tables are staff only even though they have table numbers. We then got led down a spiral staircase to a dark chicken cave. The arena was densely packed with bird-gorgers and the ambient temperature was unpleasantly hot, the ceiling was low and the acoustics were sharp. They should get that outdoor licence as a matter of urgency- 4/10

SERVICE: Host: Rimgaile, Cashier: Dario. Dario seemed a bit distant, like he wanted to be outside in the sun. However, he recommended what Rubro drink was the nicest. Rimgaile brought me a breast when I ordered a leg so he brought me a leg and let me keep the breast as well- 8/10

FOOD: Firstly, I have to point out that this is the fastest Nando's I have ever visited. Even before I had poured my Rubro, my food was being brought to the table. This was a mere 2 minutes after card payment. That's not to say it was under-warmed either. The food was blistering, maybe the ovens perform better when it's hot outside. The pitta was scrumptascious and the two quarters were both sauced up maximumly- 8/10

COMPANION: Raphael is a big film producer. He's produced films with everyone from Ian McKellen to Ian Beale. Raph is a huge admirer of chicken, he's the only person I know that can eat as many Nando's as me. We talked about our future and struck a deal to produce a Nando's Challenge film together so it looks like we'll be partnering up. Raphael is a hands-on producer who will want to be with me the whole process. Unfortunately, he can't be away from his wife and child for too long, so he has stipulated that we have to conquer the 350 Nando's in Australia and New Zeland within 14 days. I think that is perfectly doable- 10/10

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