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Average: 5 (2 votes)
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This was my first visit
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A few tables occupied
Time of Day: 
Weekend Lunch
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Saturday, August 2, 2014
4.38 / 5
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5 (Wow, I feel incredibly welcome! Recognised if a frequent visitor)
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3 (10 - 15 mins - Nando's average)
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4.5 (Great - Very tender, piping hot, not at all burnt, dripping in sauce)
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5 (An exceptional Nando's! (Please tell us why) )
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Being a large shopping centre and no real directions on the web page (probably mostly due to the lack of postcodes in Ireland) you are not quite sure where to park. We opted for the wrong choice and parked the opposite side to the store. You need to park near the blue entrance and by the library the far side away from the motorway. The parking at least was free and very plentiful. The store is actually just outside the centre though still part of the main building it is actually out on the piazza which looks out on the Library and Draiocht (a type of centre of the arts) and there is also a Odeon cinema.

Out the front is a small seating area bordered in by box planting and with 2 potted trees. Inside the large store is a mix of booth seating and benches and tables and chairs. There is a good amount of artwork including a few massive focal features. The ceiling is covered in large wicker weave circular discs. One wall features cedar tiling in a roofing style. The toilets whilst a bit of a trek to get to were clean and impressive with bright green tiles.

The staff were very helpful and friendly and took the time to chat to us and got us to fill in a survey of the new menu items. The only drawback to the ambiance was a table of noisey brats which was put ear shatteringly close to us.

The menu is different to other Nandos as it is a trial experimental store. They had Espetadas which is like a hanging kebab of 4 boneless thighs and peppers with a cone on top to poor sauce from. It reminds me of the ones I tried in Nandos in Cyprus. They also had sweet potato wedges topped with a sauce and sprinkled with a mix of sesame, nigella and coriander seeds. They had a new dressing of Zingy coriander which was good apart from it was hard to shake to lift the seeds of the bottom when there is no lid. There was also a Quinoa salad and also a boneless platter but I didn’t get to try these two.

Food was very good and the chicken quarter we ordered was cooked to perfection, the macho peas and spicy rice were also good.

This is definitely a store to visit given the chance.

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