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This was my first visit
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Almost Full
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Sunday, May 8, 2011
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Weekday Dinner
3.63 / 5
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4 (Good stuff. Very polite)
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3 (10 - 15 mins - Nando's average)
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4.5 (Great - Very tender, piping hot, not at all burnt, dripping in sauce)
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3 (Standard Nando's, nothing bad, nothing exceptional)
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Arrived here around 5pm today (Sunday) to use one of my completed loyalty cards in my 65th Nando's! Ahh - a nice free whole chicken. Lovely! :-)

This Nando's' address is on Gielgud Way, but you just head for the signs to the Ricoh and then/or to Cross Point Business Park as it's located on here next to a Showcase Cinema (M6 J2). You'll see a big Nando's Cock sign at a mini-roundabout while you're in the car park. Don't go ahead here - go left (at the Nando's sign) and follow it round to the Showcase - it's the only way to get to Nando's. Hundreds of free parking spaces right outside - so good stuff.

A little unique on the outside as it's a kinda circular building and this is also reflected in the layout on the inside. Very large potted plants just outside the entrance and a stone bricked entrance itself. This stone brick also carries on inside too, which is nice.

There's perhaps only a couple of paintings on the walls as I suppose it'd be a shame to keep all the nice brickwork covered up - so instead, green plants set into the wall to break it up with a bit of colour. Otherwise there's more than enough vases and pots on every possible ledge/top of booths with sticks and plants - with, what seems to be, some wooden carvings to look like tusks or a rib cage in the middle of the restaurant, which was nice. Big frilly lampshades suspended from carved out wooden holes in the ceiling in the middle and longer con shaped shades over the tables in the windows.... The only criticism, is that everywhere was very dusty. The tables were clean - but every ledge, vase, pot, tusk was very very dusty. There were even a few cobwebs you could clearly see on the bottom of the welcome/hostess table - and then hanging off some of the sticks. Needs a good feather duster putting round!

Good layout of the tables - with a mixture of booths and tables/chairs that curve round the restaurant. A very-good sized waiting area too.

No wait for the a table as it was maybe 3/4 full, with no wait to order and a 15 minute wait for the food to come. The staff were nice and friendly and gave a little bit of chat on the till e till too.

The food came... and what a delight! After having ordered a Fino chips at the other Coventry branch and seeing the size of the Fino chips here... it was maybe just over twice the size! A Fino rice too and this was also a good size. The chicken was piping hot and plenty of marinade on it - very moist too and, on my free half, I had two very meaty pieces of chicken. Very tasty indeed. A massive slice of raspberry/white chocolate dessert too. Yum!

Very clean toilets as well.

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