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Saturday, January 2, 2016
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4 (Above average - noticeably tastier than normal)
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4 (Very clean, newly furnished, impressive artwork and lighting)
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With Nando's 100 approaching, and a failed attempt at getting it in before the new year, the next available opportunity ended up being Chiswick with my Nando's companion Gerre!

Arrived, and were greeted by the Nandoca who let us have a table of our choice. We selected a big table for four by the door. Quick march towards the tills to place the order. Here, there appeared to be a bit of confusion, which was made slightly worse by a Nandoca attempting to re-arrange everyone. The queue for the till is meant to start at the back of the tills and head towards the rear of the outlet. Instead, there was a second queue forming from the front of the till towards the door. I didn't see what difference it made, if anything there was more room at the front rather than the rear. But never mind. I was served reasonably quickly, which meant any Nando's charm was simply lost. Not to worry, I returned to the table via the cutlery and sauce section (which was well stocked).

The meal arrived after 14 minutes, and was quite good. I ordered the usual Churrasco Thigh Burger, Mango and Lime, with Peri-Chips and Spicy Rice. The burger bun did appear smaller than usual, and was a little crisp. The thighs within were delicious, plenty of Fino-slaw, zest and sauce which was oozing out of the burger, although slightly lacking on the churrasco bbq sauce. The chips were light with a generous helping of peri-salt. The rice was nice and very very spicy!

The branch is quite odd for a Nando's. There is a small amount of African art, however most of the peices of art, light fittings, and general decoration, is rather 'modernist' than South African. Not sure on my full thoughts, but it's quirky non-the-less. It's very long and thin, with some tables at the front, till and cutlery/sauce point in the middle, with more tables towards the rear on the right, and the grill on the left. Toilets are downstairs which were acceptable.

This branch is located on Chiswick High Street, next door to a Fullers Pub. There are various other Fullers pubs around here, and a few nice boutiques that you can find along a rather traditional high street. You can reach here by train to Chiswick, Gunnersbury, or Turnham Green stations. There are frequent buses outside, and also a small amount of parking on the High Street.

Overall, a nice easy going and quirky visit. The food was good, able to relax, perfect for #Nandos100!

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