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This was my first visit
How Busy?: 
Almost Full
Date of Last Visit: 
Wednesday, September 28, 2011
Time of Day: 
Weekday Dinner
4.25 / 5
Friendliness of Staff: 
3 (Not bad. Did everything I asked of them)
Speed of Service: 
5 (Under 5 mins - I had only just got back with my cutlery and sauce)
Quality of Food: 
5 (Nando's fit for a King - The very best (Please tell us why)!
Decoration & Cleanliness: 
4 (Very clean, newly furnished, impressive artwork and lighting)
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On my way back from a trip out East, the A14 was as boring as ever, so sparked it up with a stop in at Nando's on Cambridge Leisure Park (just known as Cambridge Leisure). Well sign-posted once you got within a couple miles of it, so easy to find. A large multi-storey car park is also on the complex and after 6:30pm it's only 50p per hour, so very cheap indeed.

Plenty of stuff to do here too - an LA Fitness, a Cineworld, a Tenpin and other eateries too (Frankie and Benny's, Bella Italia etc).

The Nando's is also a good size. About 10 tables outside with a further 30+ inside. Very busy when I got here at about 7pm, but luckily no time to wait for a table for me and also no wait to order. Other larger parties arrived after me and obviously had up to a ten minute wait, so just be aware.

The branch was very nicely decorated. As you walk in, the wall infront of you (and just to the left) has 3 large artwork pieces - all with large circular discs on them and then the wall to your left has two extremely large canvas prints of bright yellow/orange lines and shapes. Right by the entrance there's also a very tall shelving unit housing dozens of small sculptures and pots/plants - and there are also three different styles of lighting including some large chandeliers. Overall it's very nice done.... but there is a downside in that there isn't enough space between tables. If everybody sat down and never stood up, it'd be fine. But as soon as anybody wants to get up for a refill or to order - or new people go to their table, you almost certainly bump into somewhere. It was the staff's favourite phrase - "oh sorry" (after they'd bumped into someone). I was knocked three times while sitting down. Have to dock a mark for that.

The food itself was beautiful. After a little disappointment from my two visits the day before, this made up for it. I was claiming a free 1/4 chicken and buying another 1/4. I asked for two breasts and I got two breasts! :-) They also came in just over 2 minutes (almost as fast as Portsmouth) and were cooked just right. The breasts were massive (ooh err missus), succulent, piping hot and drenched in sauce. The chips were hot and crispy and the rice was moist and hot too. Top notch meal - really, really nice.

The staff were run off their feet as it was so busy, so understandably the bear minimum from them - and the toilets were also spick and span.

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