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This was my first visit
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Half Full
Date of Last Visit: 
Wednesday, July 30, 2014
Time of Day: 
Weekday Dinner
2.88 / 5
Friendliness of Staff: 
2 (Quite rude, ignored me as they walked past)
Speed of Service: 
5 (Under 5 mins - I had only just got back with my cutlery and sauce)
Quality of Food: 
2.5 (Average but needs more peri spice)
Decoration & Cleanliness: 
2 (An old Nando's, needs some investment)
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So here it goes... my 250th different UK branch... and onto the second Nando's of the evening and I realised that it'd actually take longer to get the tube/train from Brixton to Camberwell, so I decided to have a leisurely 20 minute walk up Coldharbour Lane. Luckily for me it had been pretty hot all day and it was bin collection day - so it was a wonderfully fragrant walk :-) If you do catch the train, then this Nando's is just a few minutes walk from Denmark Hill train/overground station.

I walked round from the back of this Nando's and in doing so you realise just how big the outside seating area is - very large, even bigger than Brixton. At a push probably 30 tables outside. Inside the restaurant is modelled around a big central pillar, where the drinks machine etc are - with the tables and till around this.

All of the seating is table/chair seating, so no booths and being circular with tables seemingly always in the window, making larger tables makes the seating around it quite tight. There was no air-con of sorts in this Nando's and just a lonely slow ceiling fan - which meant it was pretty warm inside. As it was so warm, all of the windows were open, which did mean all of the smokers' smoke was going right in your face if you were sat in the window (inside).

As most of the walls in this Nando's are windows, there is little room for any decor which makes the inside a little drab, especially as the ceiling is mainly a grey steel structure, and the inside walls painted (or dirtied) to an off-key beige. There are a few recessed skylights which are stained glass... and a single "007 licence to grill" chalkboard as you enter - but even with the large outside seating area, this Nando's is in need of some TLC. Toilets are also a little cramped, with the hand-dryer immediately by the entrance/exit, but they do have a nice big black granite sink.

Staff were rather snappy as they had probably been tested to the limit with just how hot it was inside. As I was waiting to order, there was an argument with the manager and a cashier... and a different girl on the till mentioned it was her third top of the day because of the sweat... ooh la la. There were also a few parties with screaming kids... Also, as my food was served it was thrown down infront of me so much that the rice bowl jumped off the plate and emptied a bit off onto the table.

As for the food, it came in under 5 minutes and was distinctly average. The chicken fillet burger was an average size but with sufficient sauce, but the accompanying rice was barely warm and all clumped together, making it a bit chewy.

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