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This was my first visit
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Half Full
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Monday, May 25, 2015
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Weekday Lunch
2.25 / 5
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2 (Quite rude, ignored me as they walked past)
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2 (15 - 25 mins - Where's the food? Might have asked a staff member)
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1 (Inedible - Is that blood?! Send it back!)
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4 (Very clean, newly furnished, impressive artwork and lighting)
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One bank holiday Monday - Three towns - Three Nandos that I have not visited before - Part One

And so it begins. My chicken themed adventure to visit 3 Nandos that I had not previously visited in 3 different towns all in one bank holiday Monday. The first Nandos location on my list: Aylesbury.

Like many Nandos the Aylesbury Nandos is located right next door to a cinema, an Odeon in this case. This Nandos has a Wagamama restaurant on one side and on other is a Costa coffee shop which boarders the very conveniently located Exchange street car park. I parked in one of the 400 parking bays available here (30 disabled - 370 non-disabled) and as it was a bank holiday I only paid £1 and could stay all day - very handy and very reasonably priced for my Nando's visit.

I arrived early for a light lunch and was surprised to see that when I entered the restaurant just how busy it was. Initially I thought that I would not be seated straight away. However I needn't have worried as I was greeted by a friendly female staff member who seated me straight away in the upstairs section of the restaurant which I had not noticed straight away.

The upstairs section has an additional 20 tables, its own drinks dispenser and sauce & cutlery station. I was given table number 30 and headed back downstairs to order.

The was a bit of a queue to order with only 1 till in operation and I had to wait 5 minutes here. When I got to the front of the queue I ordered:

Churrasco Thigh Burger (medium).
Sweet Potato Wedges with Peri-Peri salt.
Refillable soft drink.

My food arrived 21 minutes and 14 second after ordering (yes, I timed it on my mobile phone stopwatch so I could be accurate for my review). I thought this was slow but to be fair it is worth remembering that the restaurant was surprisingly busy when I visited. After being given my meal I noticed that the kitchen staff had forgotten to add the peri-peri salt to my sweet potato wedges and with all the staff downstairs I had to wait for 5 minutes for one of the staff to come up to bring another table their food before I could bring this oversight to their attention.

The staff member seemed friendly enough when I point this out and I was told they would sort it out. My plate was taken downstairs and when it returned I could not believe the huge amounts of peri-peri salt that had been added to my plate. I literally had mini-mountains of peri-peri salt with a wedge occasionally peeking out from under it all. They had completely downed my poor sweet potato wedges! Unfortunately this rather ruined them as when you have more peri-peri salt then potato it becomes rather inedible and overly distorts the taste so I left these uneaten. If this was one of the kitchen staffs idea of a joke then I wasn't laughing! Very disappointing.

The Churrasco burger on the other had was hot, tasty and well-cooked it was just unfortunate that I wasn't able to enjoy this with the sweet potato wedges which rather ruined my visit.

So would I return to Aylesbury Nandos again? No. I am not often in this area and with Milton Keynes with its 5 locations nearby I would not again go out of my way to visit here. This was my first visit to Aylesbury Nandos and ruining my favourite menu item (the sweet potato wedges) left me quite disappointed with the food here.

So onwards to High Wycombe and my second Nandos of the day - it won't have to do much to give me a better experience than I had in Aylesbury!

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