What Happened to Nando's in Indonesia?

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Submitted by James RYN on Thu, 2013-02-07 13:14

We have had quite a few people asking about Nando's in Indonesia, and it is a common Nando's related search on Google. While we have some information on our history page, I thought I would clear a few things up.

Nando's began targetting the South-East Asian market in the late 1990s, with their eye on three countries: Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. They opened in Malaysia and Indonesia shortly after (Singapore had to wait until 2010 but that's a story for another day). Nando's now have around 40 stores across the major cities of Malaysia, but only ever reached three stores in Indonesia, before mysteriously closing down and withdrawing from the country in the mid 2000s. Rumour has it that the franchise partner in Indonesia simply wasn't up to the task.

Roy Andrew wrote in to Rate Your Nando's a couple of months back and kindly informed us that the three restaurants in Indonesia were Cilandak Town Square, Mal Kelapa Gading, and Mal Taman Anggrek; all in Jakarta. Based on this old review I found it looks like the menu was more diverse than offerings in the UK, with pasta and soup (presumably similar to noodle dishes offered in Malaysia).

If anyone has more information, or even visited a Nando's in Indonesia before it closed, please either comment below or contact us using [email protected]


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If you think Nando's in Australia taste good then there is something seriously wrong with you!!
Nando's in the UK taste much better.

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Went to Nando's at Cilandak Town Square a few times. It was just as good as Nando's I went to in South Africa many years ago. I was very disappointed Nando's in Indonesia were closed but I heard Nando's is now reopen in Mall Kelapa Gading 3, G FL unit 57. Can't wait to order my favorite Chicken Peri-peri!

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There was certainly a Nando's other than the three referenced in Indonesia. It was in Kemang, South Jakarta from about 2005.

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Kuala Lumpur Nando's bad service. Very Very Bad. I would like to open one in Balikpapan(Indonesia) think it will make a killing,But have your rice and noodle as separated dish,people love chicken(ayam)+Peri Peri sauces and traffic not so bad like Jakarta,think it will work. I Love Nando's.

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I had nandos chicken in Cilandak town square few years back, it doesnt taste as nice as the ones in New Zealand

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I was worked at nando's jakarta, I resigned a few month before it was closed. From the news i heard from ex my colleague, it's because the restaurant not making any profit. Well I hope someone bought the franchise and re-open again.

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Nandos's should re-open in jakarta. I am a regular customer in whichever country i go. Really need to consider reopen nandos again!!!

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PLEASE RE-OPEN IN JAKARTA!! I REALLY REALLY WANT TO TRY NANDO'S!! Please re-open and im really sure that there'll be bunch of customer queueing if it tastes as good!! plsplspls

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well.. the Indonesia market different from other country i think..
as an indonesian lived in KL, at first i also didnt like Nandos..
but after serveral times ate it here (coz of my friend keep asking me to go lunch there)..
i found it quiet tasty..

and the other thing is, the nandos price also quiet pricey for Indonesian..

when the Indonesian have lots of better option beside nandos for them..
(Ayam penyet, Pecel ayam, ayam goreng suharti, and tons of another chicken resto etc.. lol)
its not shocking if nandos closed the shop in Jakarta..

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I had try it when it first opened in Taman Anggrek Mall, and I was never back to Nandos Jakarta ever again. I remember commenting to a friend that the chicken was very dry.. And very different from the one I used to taste when I was living in Sydney.

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I've tried Nandos in Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. Tbh, Australia's Nandos taste so good compare to the other two. Please open Nandos in Indonesia again, it will satisfied our craving though

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I doubt it!

First of all, Bali market is the weakest link for all retail industry in Indonesia.

Secondly, There are plenty local chicken resto similar with Nandos with very competitive price etc.

Thirdly - Indonesian market is more likely "American minded" than any Asian market.. (sad but true) lol

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Frankly speaking, Nandos cannot compete with the Other giant fast food industry here in Indonesia such as KFC, McD, BK, Pizzahut, Wendys etc.

When they've gone without any notice it didn't suprise me at all.. I presume there was something inside their management that cause they leave this country! It also applied to Four fingers (SG brand) which has gone by the wind either.

Oh well fast food industry in Indonesia is very unpredictable and the business owner should have strong and big capital money to survived at beginning years of the business!

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