Watford - High Street now serving Halal Chicken!

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Submitted by Ryan on Fri, 2013-03-08 23:30

Many people will be delighted to hear that Watford - High Street is now serving Halal Chicken, which means there is no more trekkin' all the way to Harrow for the locals!


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Wow!! About time! Watford now has 2 Nandos, 2 McDonalds & 2 MOsques! So i hope it will be full Fri lunchtime in town centre after prayer & muslim school kids from Watford Grammar can now eat there lunchtimes/after school as Nandos offers healthier options than Golden Arches! No more trekking to Luton or Harrow!

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So what about people who are not Muslims and don’t want to eat Halal meat, we now have no choice as it has been taken away to accommodate there faith only !!!!

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I think what is not understood is the objection to halal meat? What is it? Please I want to kniw

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