Walsall opens as West Bromwich may be delayed?

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Submitted by Ryan on Sun, 2013-05-12 21:26

So as Walsall opens, it means this drops off our Opening Soon & Restaurant Rumours page and we are eagerly awaiting the first review!

We are always trying to bring Nando's fans the most up-to-date information regarding new restaurant openings and movements this week include:

- West Bromwich: This was originally scheduled for June 2013, but we understand this not to be the case anymore and instead an "Autumn" opening is expected.
- Broughton (Chester): We have been informed that Nando's are in discussions to take one of the vacant units at the Broughton Shopping Park near Chester, however - this has just been added as a Lemon and Herb rumour on our Opening Soon & Restaurant Rumours page for now

As soon as we hear anything else, we will let you know!


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I visited Walsall nandos on Saturday the 11th of may. Set out really nicely looks fab and the staff where great but we ended up waiting an hour for our food and the people sitting next to use where only in the restaurant 20 minutes and they got there food before us. When the food arrived the butterfly chicken was very dry which was disappointing. Will definitely re visit again though because after all it had only been open 4 days and I'm a nandos addict

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