Restaurant updates for St Helens, West Bromwich and Worthing

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Submitted by Ryan on Wed, 2013-06-05 18:01

There have been a few restaurant movements so far this week, so here they are for you:

Confirmed openings:
- St Helens opening date of July 2013 seems well on track after plans to revamp the front of the soon-to-be-restaurant were given approval
- West Bromwich's opening has moved a step closer after Nando's announced on their Twitter page it " due to open mid-August."

Rumoured openings:
- Worthing does not feature in Nando's current plans, but insist the town is still on their radar

Remember that all three of these (yes, including Worthing) have existed on our own Opening Soon & Restaurant Rumours page for quite some time. Worthing has always remained as Lemon & Herb since there was no confirmation and this week's announcement re-affirms the team's beliefs.

As always, all the latest restaurant rumours and opening details can be found on our Opening Soon & Restaurant Rumours page which is updated frequently!

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