New Prices in All UK Nando's

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Submitted by RYN Admin on Wed, 2013-02-27 12:07

Nando's have released a 'new' menu this week which doesn't actually feature any new items, but will happily take more of your money for the old ones. Expect £9.95 for a half chicken with sides, 50p for a perinaise, £12.50 for a whole chicken, and a whopping £13.25 for a double wrap meal.

How do you feel about the new prices? This is the first rise in a year don't forget, and chickens don't cost what they used to!


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Their chickens aren't even free range. The price has pretty much doubled since I started eating at Nando's in 2007.
They're in danger of our pricing some of their core customer bases.


I went to Nandos mile end last night and they had the new menu there. There were new items on it though, 3 boneless chicken thighs meal, a new soft still beverage in a can which wasn't amazing. Disappointed by the amount the desserts have gone up as they were probably the worst value before


I remember in 2002, you could get a half chicken and two sides, with a soft drink, for £8.90. 11 years on, this will now cost you £12.40. That's an increase of £3.50 over 11 years, or a 39% increase. That's a yearly increase (or very roughly as it's not a compounded rate) of 3.54%.

Now, UK inflation has varied between 0.6% and 5.2% from 2002 and 2013 - so using an average from various inflation calculators, £8.90 in 2002 is worth roughly £11.78 today. That's an over inflationary increase of approximately £0.62 over 11 years...

Now, while I hate to see prices going up and feeding my habit becomes more expensive - you've actually got to hand it to Nando's that, probably only until this latest price increase, they've kept prices in-line with inflation.

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Terrible nearly £14 for bouble wrap meal disgisting I think and portions are getting smaller.....

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bit pricey! I meen the place is dank but slightly overrated for chicken and chips. I meen I payed 13 quid for half a chicken chips and coke seriously though??

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Way to expensive wtf is this shit, totally overrated the food is nice but you cant be asking for 13 pounds for some chicken that aint right at all man not cool bruv : /

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The GP Nando's are making is over 60% don't let them tell you different! But every Saturday they are still packed but meal for two over £45 for just Chicken and a few extras I have just paid my last visit to Nando's. Standards down prices up they will start to see their little graph go the other way soon oh well

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