New Electronic Loyalty Cards on the way Nationwide

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Submitted by RYN Admin on Wed, 2013-07-24 17:48

Electronic Nando's loyalty cards have been on trial in Scotland for a while now, and rumour has it they are to be introduced around the rest of the UK from September 2013. This date hasn't yet been confirmed by Nando's, but Nandocas have been advising us to use up our existing paper loyalty cards by the end of August since no stamps will be issued after that. Apparently Nando's will still honour free chicken after the end of August, but won't be giving any more stamps.

How will the new electronic cards effect loyalty card strategy? Well it will certainly be very difficult to get multiple stamps on the same visit since cards will be tied to an individual. If you want two stamps on two electronic cards you will have to go through the laborious process of completing two orders individually. This can be a nuisance if your friend wants to wait at the table. Time will tell!

How do you feel about the new electronic cards? Have you tried them out in Scotland? Let us know below!




Yay, finally, this is awesome! I've had mine for ages but haven't been able to use it, this means I'll never forget my loyalty card. I really prefer the electronic ones it was so exciting when I got one, it makes life so much easier than having 50 different cards like other people...


Whilst I like the electronic loyalty cards there are a few issues. I shall start with the pros :-

  1. If you forget your card you can enter the code on your reciept on line when you get home.
  2. You can register your card so if you loose it you cancel the card and save what you'd saved.
  3. It allows you to build up multiple prizes without having to redeem them.
  4. You can keep track of your Nandos prizes on line

Now for the negatives

  1. You are only in theory allowed one card per person and certainly only 1 per email.
  2. You have to spend £7 to get a point (a pound more!)
  3. You can only get 1 point per day regardless of which store your in (seriously!!!! who only goes once in a day!!! 6 Nandos stores in 28 hours is how I roll baby!)
  4. You have to log on line to see what rewards you have, no more being able to quickly check if you have something for a lunch time treat visually on the card.
  5. No more special offers in store for extra points (like buy houmous and get an extra stamp).
  6. No more making deals with the waitress to buy desserts if you can get an extra stamp.
  7. All cards are identical so danger of getting them mixed up on the table or with less fortunate freinds if you do as Marc suggests and take your mates card to the till.
  8. I can't have a set of 17 cards just in case I take a minibus of non Nandos people to Nandos and want to collect their points
  9. My wallet will be very empty as I enjoy having 50 odd stamp cards in my wallet as that sets me out as a true fan unlike some cheese hateing, Ketchup scoffing Northerners that I could mention (who aren't even in triple figures yet :P)

I see that this will be the way it goes in the future as a few scum balls who steal stamps are ruining it for us all, but wish Nandos would alow us more than one point in a day and just keep the one a day limit for online reciept adders (we all know there will probably be some people who pick up reciepts outside of Nandos off the floor just to boost their points so they can get free chicken as they don't have friends to take and steal borrow points off.)

Having used the scheme in Scotland on a few occasions I will find ways of adapting when it is UK wide I'm sure. Just hope eventually it is extended globally for overseas points collection. Also even more important a LONG grace period to use up all of my 50 odd stamp cards.


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Just been to the nandos in Wood Green. I was told that if they swiped my loyalty card, it would shut down the entire cash registers in operation. I asked if someone could sign my receipt and they declined. What if everyone was due a free whole chicken on the day???? I honestly think this is a great big CON!!

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