Nando's to open in Sutton Coldfield

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Submitted by Ryan on Sat, 2013-06-29 00:49

Birmingham City Council this week approved all plans for Nando's to open in Sutton Coldfield, in the premises that the Temple Bar previously occupied. The last approval was granted on 26th June for the "siting of external seating area outside restaurant" - which goes to show there will be an outside seating area! You can read the planning application for the site conversion here - just look at page 27 of this PDF file.

There is no sign of this anywhere on Nando's' website, so for now this will have to stay as a Medium rumour on our own Opening Soon & Restaurant Rumours page, even though this sounds like a very tasty rumour! Remember you can find all of the confirmed and rumoured opening details on here - and the page is updated frequently!

If you have more info on this or any other news sources then join in our community and contact us now!

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Hey Ryan & Marc
have a look on the Facebook page ....."Nandos Sutton Coldfield" .... they have photos and recruitment details ...Great job you guys are doing by the way

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