Nando's in Loughborough moves closer?

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Submitted by Ryan on Mon, 2013-09-30 12:06

Residents (particularly students) will welcome the news of a new planning application to be submitted by Citigrove for the redevelopment of Baxter Gate where the derelict former hospital used to stand. Plans include an eight-screen Cineworld multiplex cinema with many other restaurants. Two public exhibitions will be held to gauge residents’ views on the scheme before a planning application is submitted to Charnwood Borough Council. The full article can be read on the Loughborough Echo here.

As the application has not yet been submitted, this can only stay as a Lemon & Herb rumour on our own Opening Soon & Restaurant Rumours page - but as soon as we hear anything else, we will let you know!

Remember, all the latest restaurant rumours and opening details can be found on our Opening Soon & Restaurant Rumours page which is updated frequently - and if you have more info on this or any other news sources then join in our community and contact us now!


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Dont bother coming to Loughborough, its a community that prefers independent bars and restaurants. You'll get a few students in but most go to Leicester and they stay on campus mainly! Oh and no one wants you! Find somewhere else to go! Thanks.

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Joanne is right that the public of Loughborough will generally favour good independent bars and restaurants. However, Joanne and the rest of the supposedly everybody who don't want a Nandos in town are more than welcome to stay away, no doubt waiting for visits from Gordon Brown to come and call them bigoted women. By all means please set up in our town. A large student population, even if nobody else, will be frequent visits.

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