Nando's finally opens in Bracknell!!

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Submitted by Ryan on Mon, 2017-09-11 22:38

Well nearly four years ago we first heard the news was to open in Bracknell. The Bracknell News told the story here and tastebuds started tingling. Building work was expected to be completed within two years but delays have meant that Nando's has only just opened TODAY!

Whenever a new Nando's opens its doors to the public, it is removed from our Opening Soon & Restaurant Rumours page and takes its residence on its own review page and you can view that page here. We hope to have our first review soon!

As always, you can keep up with the latest info on new openings and Rate Your Nando's events by viewing our Opening Soon & Restaurant Rumours and News pages - and if you have more info on this or any other news sources then join in our community and contact us now!

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