Monthly Competition Launches!

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Submitted by RYN Admin on Sat, 2017-07-01 16:15

Our #MonthlyCompetition launches today! We're giving away a £30 #Nandos gift card every month. Just write a #NandosReview to enter!


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I went to the crawley nandos and i was welcomed so fast the customer service team were fab happy welcoming and once i entered the restaurant the smell of the chicken cooking was awwessome
I had 3 chicken wins and houmous with peri peri drizzle .....wagggamama its good

then had 1/2 chicken with my 2 special side dishes and I can tell anyone if you wanna experience chicken in a taste never tasted come to nandos

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We come in to smiling host chicks ready to sit us down at whichever seat we like. We already know what we'd like to order so go straight to the welcoming till chick to give our requests and orders. The vibe is always alive and full of energy from the chicks replacing taking away dirty dishes to the chicks asking 'everything alright with your meal?'. Overall we are very happy chickens coming to Nando's. So keep doing what you're doing!
Visited Nando's Piccadilly- Manchester.

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