Reviewer Dinner 39 - RYN9 at Kings Cross Nando's

Monday, August 13, 2018 - 20:00

How does it work?
As we did for our 8th birthday, we're using a special RYN Reward System to thank our loyal reviewers:

RYN Red Reward - if you've written 10 or more reviews since RYN8 on 14/8/17 - whole chicken or equivalent on us!
RYN Orange Reward - if you've written 6 or more reviews since RYN8 - half chicken or equivalent on us!
RYN Green Reward - if you've written 3 or more reviews since RYN8 - quarter chicken or starter on us!

Where is my free food?
Besides our new RYN Reward System, we will do our usual raffle once everyone has arrived to give out at least three peri-tastic prizes:

1st - £10 Nando's gift card
2nd - £10 Nando's gift card
3rd - A bottle of Nando's sauce of your choice

1 free raffle ticket for those who meet event criteria (3 reviews in total including 1 since the last reviewer dinner you came to - check your RYN profile or ask Marc if you're unsure) AND have clicked 'I'm Attending' on here. Additional tickets are 50p.

We also give away free raffle tickets on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so check the # regularly.

What if I don't know what I will want to eat on the day?
The meal you put on here is not linked to your actual order, it's a good way for us to keep track of numbers and it shows up on your RYN profile after the event which we think is pretty cool!

How do I get an invite?
You must have signed up on the website and submitted at least 3 reviews, including 1 since your last reviewer dinner. Rate Your Nando's now if you are yet to meet the criteria. Remember you'll get a free raffle ticket which could lead to free chicken!

May I bring a friend?
We always want to meet fellow Nando's fans. All we ask is for a few reviews in return! As long as your friend writes 3 reviews on the site and meets the criteria, he or she can of course come!

I would love to come to #RYN9, what next?
Log in, click 'I'm Attending' and tell us what you plan to chow down at the dinner. Feel free to invite friends (who meet the criteria of course), the more the merrier!

If you have any questions, contact us or inbox us on Facebook. See you there!


Marc RYN's picture
Planned Meal:
Fino pitta extra hot with sweet potato wedges.
SVC's picture
Planned Meal:
Quinoa salad with medium chicken!
James RYN's picture
Planned Meal:
Double wrap extra hot with peri chips and spicy rice.
KJ's picture
Planned Meal:
Chicken butterfly medium with sweet potato mash
Beez's picture
Planned Meal:
Wing roulette!
Vanessa's picture
Planned Meal:

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