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This was my first visit
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Almost Full
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Sunday, October 16, 2016
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Weekend Dinner (Inc Friday)
3.5 / 5
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4 (Good stuff. Very polite)
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4 (5 - 10 mins - Some conversation had begun)
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3 (Average - just as you would expect)
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3 (Standard Nando's, nothing bad, nothing exceptional)
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A one hour forty journey from Gunnersbury tube to Hornchurch Station. I took the bus two stops as recommended by tfl journey planner, then a two minute walk to the Nando's. Probably one of the simplest routes I've ever traversed to get to a Nando's by public transport with no chance of me getting lost.

The branch was very busy. All bar one table filled up which I was given and plenty of take away customers huddled in the waiting area by the front door. It was hard to tell who came in as the host who had popped away wasn't sure if I was a newcomer or had already been there. Confusion over, he offered me a table just behind the sauce/ cutlery station and drinks machine.

The cashier was very friendly. I asked for the usual of 1/4 chicken mango and lime with sweet mash and garlic bread to which she asked if I wanted another side for an extra 80p. I'm fully aware my meal isn't a combo because of the sweet mash but I am hardly ever offered to turn it into one by adding an extra item. Alas I didn't want to spend any more money but i'll be more aware of the option in future.

The food arrived in 9 minutes which is nice. The chicken was smothered in sauce, the reason I will explain in a bit, the mash was plentiful and so tasty and creamy, the garlic bread wasn't too burned and tasted nice. So the chicken, was visibly burnt in some areas not covered in sauce. I thought it was very thick, the reason being the mango and lime was covering hot sauce underneath. The colour looked like the medium spice and either they add more heat to their mango and lime or they tried to cover up a mistake. The burned bits made it worse as well, I didn't enjoy the meal as much as I would have liked.

Went to check the loos upstairs and noticed they have their ornaments chained up. Inside the ladies was a sign on the door discussing the vandalism and cctv is always watched. Double checked there were no cameras in the loo before I did my business. A very dreary toilet, everything is brown from the tiling, the wooden doors, the sink, just made me sad. One of the only Nando's I've ever seen without bright tiles and nice abstract patterns in there..

It was an okay visit but i was very let down by the chicken. The staff are nice enough, the place is kept clean. It's busy and the packed tables showed but they were too close together and people coughing at the table was distracting, disturbing and annoying.

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